At the end of 2015 the Xunta or local government of Galicia began the enormous task of renewing all the concrete waymarks on the Camino routes in the Galician region.

These new concrete markers bear the same yellow arrow, scallop shell symbol and the distance left to travel to Santiago de Compostela.

There has also been a re-calculation of kilometres on the route using GPS technology, with a difference of 2-3 kms over the full stretch from Sarria to Santiago.

An additional improvement is intended to enhance the Camino experience, by signposting up to 30 alternative routes to places of spiritual or historic interest.

Therefore in some locations where previously there was just 1 marker - there are now 2 or 3.

Along the Camino in Galicia you will find 1 Camino Historico waymarkers and 1 or more Camino Alternativo waymarkers.

Take care where multiple waymarkers occur in one place.

Camino Historico Waymarkers indicate the main most direct route to Santiago.

Camino Alternativo Waymarkers direct you to historical or religious sites of interest.

Camino Alternativos are waymarked to and from the main direct route.

In theory it should be easy to regain the main path.

But they may add significant distance to your walk.

We enjoyed our holiday very much - it was a wonderful experience. Something completely different! The organisation of the holiday was spot-on. You really couldn't have done a better job. The whole thing was perfectly tailored to our needs. It's hard to express in an e-mail how good it all was.

Anne Corrigan, UK, walking the Camino Frances

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and found the organisation excellent. We were also impressed by the friendliness and welcome we received everywhere. The information pack was useful and contained all the information we needed. So many, many thanks again for your kindness, efficiency and help in giving us such a good holiday.

Anne and Brian Harris, UK, walking the Camino Frances from Sarria to Santiago

We had an amazing time on the Camino... I would recommend this 6 day walk to anyone. All in all a memorable trip, and you guys did a great job in planning, arranging and organising it.

Chris and Davina, Australia, walking the Camino Frances from Sarria to Santiago