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This page lists all current tours on the Walk the Camino website. You can narrow down the results, by choosing a starting country from the options listed. Click on any tour listing for more information.

  • Camino El Cid on Horseback

    Camino El Cid on Horseback

    From the medieval town of Covarrubias, ride the historic trail of El Cid on a wonderful Spanish horse. Your host-guide has a full back up team to care for riders and horses. The hospitality is excellent and the ride passes through stunning landscapes.

  • St Francis Way - Stage 1 from Chuisi to Citta do Castello

    St Francis Way - Stage 1 from Chuisi to Citta do Castello

    During the Middle Ages, an enlightened man walked the ridges and valleys of the Apennine Hills, looking for God’s signs in nature and talking to people about peace, humility and brotherhood. He was Francis of Assisi and you can walk in his footsteps.

  • St Francis Way - Stage 3 from Assisi to Spoleto

    St Francis Way - Stage 3 from Assisi to Spoleto

    Walk in the footsteps of St Francis, encountering ancient hermitages, chapels &crosses in the idyllic landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria. Discover echoes of Francis in the shady forests, orchards, olive groves and fields of wheat and barley - so uplifting!

  • Camino Aragon

    Camino Aragon

    Crossing the majestic Pyrenees into Aragon the Way extends 166 km to join up with the Camino Frances, more remote and less frequented, journey through an ever-changing landscape of mountains, river valleys, open plains & Jaca’s lonely lunar landscape.

  • St Francis Way  - Stage 4 - Spoleto to Rieti

    St Francis Way - Stage 4 - Spoleto to Rieti

    This stage of the St Francis Way continues south from Spoleto to the Santa Maria Della Foresta Sanctuary near Rieti. The trail passes through verdant forests past the magical Piediluco lake. Enjoy great panoramic walks with views of the Apennine peaks.

  • Japan’s Shikoku 88

    Japan’s Shikoku 88

    Shikoku island is home to an ancient walking trail connecting 88 Buddhist temples. Explore spectacular scenery, atmospheric temples and traditional rural inns, enjoy local flavours, soak in hot springs & experience genuinely warm hospitality and kindness.

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