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The Caminos we offer were historically religious routes travelled in the main by pilgrims. But today people choose to walk it for lots of different reasons. Whether you’re walking for the spiritual experience or simply for the thrill of walking in beautiful countryside, we aim to give you an authentic experience and accommodation is a major part of that experience.

We offer a variety of accommodation along these trails. Please be aware that, as these are traditional pilgrim routes, some accommodation is more basic than others. At some stopping points, there will be a limited choice of accommodation, at others, there will be a wider range to choose from. We will always choose the best accommodation available for each stop on your walk. But the best available might not be a perfect match for your ideal lodging.

Many accommodation owners are modernising and/or upgrading their establishments to meet the expectations of today’s traveller – but it does all take time. Air conditioning is not common in rural parts of Europe for a variety of reasons. Traditional building methods dealt with insulation against the elements in a variety of ways; then there are issues like investment, local customs, building restrictions and climate change concerns. In the absence of air-con most hosts will offer you a portable fan – or follow our example and pack a mini USB fan and adaptor for your bedside.

We can’t promise every hotel will be exactly to your taste, but we ask that you are prepared to accept something different from time to time and be open to new experiences. Any questions? Please contact us

After all, this is no ordinary walking holiday, this is walking the Camino!

Hand-Picked Accommodations

Some of our Camino relationships go back 20 years and today we have a portfolio of over 1500 approved establishments in the 6 countries where we operate (so far). We believe that our high level of personal service and customer care offers you the best Camino experience available. We work directly with local partners who display a real passion for their area. Usually, we choose small-scale, friendly, family-run establishments. Our accommodation providers are well known to us and we visit them regularly to carry out inspections and check out any new local services. All our lodgings provide rooms with en-suite facilities and are usually situated directly on your path as you walk the Camino.

Some superb accommodation upgrades are available in about 30% of places along our Camino routes. Sometimes the upgrades are right on the route, but you may be transferred off-route using a shuttle service or local taxi. You will not be able to book a full itinerary with upgraded hotels on any route. Every itinerary will always have a mixture of standards of accommodation.

Board & Lodgings

We prefer to offer all accommodation on a Bed and Breakfast basis, which hopefully encourages you to venture out and to sample the local hostelries. Dining locally gives you the chance to soak up the Camino atmosphere and rub shoulders with international walkers and the local people. If you wish to eat in house, that option is always available to you. Half Board is also available by request. We have a range of Gastronomic suggestions if you are looking for something special in a glass or on the plate.

Inn to Inn Bag Transfers

We provide secure luggage transfers so that all you have to worry about is carrying a day pack with your essential items.

There are some restrictions to our baggage service – so consider your packing very carefully and travel light. We provide you with a packing list. The standard luggage is weight is 15kg per bag. Employers need to consider the health and well-being of the staff who are physically moving large volumes on a daily basis. If your main bag is over 15 kg you will need to book a second bag on – or reduce the weight by carrying more in your day pack. You might share an extra bag with your companion/s. French baggage companies are very strict on this – and are likely to refuse to move your luggage until a second bag is booked and paid. If you’re walking for a longer period of time, you would be expecting to have your clothes laundered on your rest days.

All you have to worry about is carrying a day sack with your Camino Travel Pack and essential items

We provide fully insured and secure luggage transfers for our clients walking the Camino de Santiago.

We move your baggage from one accommodation to the next as you walk.

This daily service is organised so that all you have to worry about is carrying a day sack with your essential items.

Your luggage will be awaiting you on arrival at your new lodgings each day.

We arrange everything from travel insurance and booking your flights, to local transport in Spain.

Take the extra weight off your joints and feet up and enjoy lighter trip on the Camino de Santiago.

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