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Uncover the spiritual essence of Japan with our bespoke pilgrimage tours. Begin your adventure on the historic Shikoku 88, where you’ll encounter ancient temples and welcoming locals along your enriching journey.

Set your course along the Kumano Kodo, where sacred Shinto shrines and traditional inns are perfect havens for self-reflection.

Our Japanese pilgrimage tours are more than simply hiking routes. They are invitations to connect with Japan’s natural landscapes, its culture, and its past.

Whether you decide to walk the challenging Shikoku 88 to the reflective Kumano Kodo, our tours are carefully designed to lead you on a quest for spiritual and physical fulfillment. Experience a fusion of tradition, nature, and spiritual enlightenment — start planning your epic adventure in Japan today.

If you have yet to decide on where you would like to undertake a pilgrimage, please browse our full selection of Camino Tours. If you have any questions, please get in touch

Fushiogami-oji on the Kumano Kodo Nakahechi Route
Self-Guided Kumano Kodo

Self-Guided Kumano Kodo

Delve into the natural beauty of the Kumano Kodo’s forests & rivers. The region is a hot spring paradise, with 3 Grand Shrines, traditional inns & delicious cuisine. Hike to the Nachi Falls where the water is said to bring good health & long life.
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marugame castle shikoku japan
Japan’s Shikoku 88

Japan’s Shikoku 88

Shikoku island is home to an ancient walking trail connecting 88 Buddhist temples. Explore spectacular scenery, atmospheric temples and traditional rural inns, enjoy local flavours, soak in hot springs & experience genuinely warm hospitality and kindness.
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