Getting to the Camino

We’ll help to get you smoothly to & from your Camino with minimum fuss.

Combine Flights, Rail and Bus transfers to the Camino de Santiago in Spain and Portugal, Via Francigena in Italy and Chemin de Compostelle in France.

We do not sell flights but we will help you find the right flight from your departure point.

We can help to arrange your transfers once you touch down.

We’ll help to get you smoothly to & from your chosen route with minimum fuss.

Skyscanner is easy to use,  an online tool that will assist you in finding the right flights from your home to Spain.

Please see the tour page or ask us which Spanish airport is the closest to you.

Finding your flight with Skyscanner is as easy as:

  1. Select a departure and destination for your trip, select your dates and then click on SEARCH FLIGHTS
  2. A new page will open and then follow the step-by-step instructions to book your flight

Need any extra help? Please contact us, our team is always ready to assist you. 

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