• Duncan
  • Le Puy Route
I enjoyed the holiday and the organisation of your holiday of the trip was very good. All good and thanks very much.
  • Jim
  • Le Puy Route
I had an excellent trip. The Chemins de Compostelle in April/May is not very populated and some days not a lot of contact with other walkers. The one constructive comment would be that eating facilities are very scarce and this required walkers to ensure they carried sufficient food to sustain them during the day.

Excellent accommodation and meals were of a high standard. Additionally the Walk the Camino staff were available to respond to small inconveniences (three instances). This was extremely reassuring.

Overall I had a range of accommodation. I probably only had one nights accommodation that I would not recommend. The woman was quiet rude and while we were having breakfast I know she raced up and checked the room. I had placed the toilet paper holder in a particular place and when I went to the room after breakfast it had been put back where it was when I first entered the room. Overall I would have to say my accommodation was of a very high standard. Well done Walk the Camino staff.

Some places the evening meals were average but nothing to complain about. I also had some outstanding evening meals. Overall very good.

I used both the Michelin Chemins de Compostelle guide book and A Cicerone Guide by Alison Raju. I would suggest to do this walk you should refer to both books they are complementary.

I was more than happy with all aspects of my walk. Walk the Camino staff were very professional and competent. I already have passed your name onto some walkers.
  • Marcia
  • Gourmet Camino La Rioja
The holiday was fabulous. Enjoyed Spain very much. The organisation overall was good. A couple of hiccups re David Moreno wine tour dates being mixed up.
Appreciated the effort to organise a wine tour in Najera instead with Jesus from the Hotel. The accommodation was very good. Really enjoyed the final stay in Santiago de Compostela and Santo Domingo. The food was excellent. There was no problem with baggage transfers. The directions for the walk around the Rioja Valley were not very adequate but we followed the Red and White markers over the mountain. A brief overview of the history of some of the places visited would have been helpful as it was not always possible to get wifi in all hotels. Overall a wonderful and memorable holiday. The Spanish people were very friendly and helpful.
  • Liz
  • Le Puy Route
Really enjoyed the holiday. Excellent organisation. All accommodation was a good standard. Clean, good service, friendly staff and comfortable rooms.
Breakfasts were fine although some of the toasted bread provided was so hard we thought we might break our teeth on it, might be better to offer fresh rolls. Most hotels provided a good variety of cereal, fruit etc. Where we had evening meals in hotels they were very good. Thought the cost of meals was very reasonable. Baggage transfers great, no problems. Information pack good.
All was fine
  • Pat
  • Camino Finisterre
It was a little more challenging than the Sarria walk, but gave a great sense of achievement too, plus paddling in the ocean! It was quieter and the cafes and bars far between, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
Very, very good organisation. Everything went extremely smoothly, and the things I’d worried about before going were no problem at all. Very impressed by the taxi driver arriving promptly to take us to the airport, I don’t think any of the ones I use at home are ever so precise. The accommodation was varied in style, which was interesting. The hotel at Negreira is a bit tired, but very similar to the hotels we’ve stayed in before on sightseeing holidays. The first one was very interesting because it was more like staying in someone’s home. The other hotels were lovely, and beautifully designed and decorated. But our favourite of all was Santa Eulalia. We had a whale of a time. The hosts could speak no English, and we pitifully little Spanish, but with a great deal of waving of arms, speaking loudly, using google translate (me) and drawing pictures and miming (Senor Santa Eulalia) we got on like a house on fire. I wish I could describe to you how brilliant they were! I’m going to email them when I’ve got time to sit down with google translate, and hope they can make some sense from it. I should have said about trying to avoid gluten, as there were a couple of places that breakfast was a cup of coffee and a slice of toast. The lady in Lires was really sweet, and must have run over to her neighbours’ to borrow some GF bread, although I was quite happy with what I had, she turned up with 2 slices of toast!
Baggage Transfers, absolutely perfectly, very often in the room already, and sometimes we were told to leave them in the room. I could have done with a sheet for dumbria as I wasn’t sure where we were going to be picked up - this is where the picture came in. Your phrases came in very handy, and my mum gave her’s to the cafe owner at Alta Pena who was practicing his English. I was hopeless at remembering anything I had learned over the last 6 months!
  • Gina
  • Coastal Camino Portugués
We enjoyed our holiday greatly! We loved every single town and city in which we stayed. The people were lovely and the scenery, architecture and culture were magnificent. High-quality organisation. Every accommodation was fine. Of course, some were better than others, and they were each distinctly different. Breakfasts were standard. Nothing fancy, but adequate. Not sure they could be improved. We enjoyed exploring for other meals in the various towns in which we stayed.

I found the hotel maps in the information pack a bit less useful this time. My memory of them when we walked El Camino Frances Sarria -Santiago was better. As much as we loved Vigo, and the hotel was exceptional, the long walk there from Baiona was challenging. I have recommended you many times! Thanks for your good work.
  • Jim
  • Via Francigena - Heart of Tuscany
    Via Francigena - The Last Section to Rome Italy

  • Stephen
  • Camino Portugués Way
Very much enjoyed it and didn’t want it to finish so soon (or so it seemed). The Portuguese route was much more scenic than I have imagined, even after watching several YouTube clips on the route. It was a delight, and the Portuguese people were so friendly and welcoming.

All the hotels were prepared for my arrival, without that moment when your heart is in your mouth waiting for them to find your name on their long list of guests arriving that day. The instructions on how to get to the hotel were clear and easy to follow. A very minor point: None of the hotels seemed interested in collecting your printed vouchers.

I needed to telephone the hotel in Redondela to send for transport as the hotel was out of town. Unfortunately, the receptionist’s english was as poor as my Spanish. So I telephoned you for assistance and you responded straight away and the matter was resolved within minutes, just enough time for me to finish my can of cola. Well done, and much appreciated after a long day of hard walking and all you wanted was just to rest and soak your feet.

The choice of hotels were mainly good and better than average apart from a couple which ’let the side down’ a bit.

The best ones were:-
Casa do Pinheiro (Ponte de Lima). After you discovered that the hotel frontage was just a door with a small sign over it. What a surprise inside, with the pool and garden behind it.
Torre do Xudeo (Tui). Beautifully renovated old stone building with thick walls and charming features. Wooden staircases and rustic breakfast room.
Casa de Capela (Cossourado Pecene, nr Rubiaes). Modern renovation with lovely lawn and pool. A most charming and delightful host. Loved it.
Pazo Torres de Agrelo (Redondela). What a splendid country mansion that was full of character and wonderfully maintained. Polished wooden floorboards and decorative tiles on some walls.

The least desireable ones:-
Hotel Rey Ferdinand (Santiago de Compostela). I realise that this was a last minute change of hotels as the town was full that weekend, but really! Please keep it off your list. The only good point about this hotel was its proximity to the train station where I caught the airport bus for €3.00. I didn’t even bother to have breakfast there. THIS HOTEL IS NOT ACTUALLY ON OUR LIST - CHOICE WAS EXTREMELY LIMITED DUE TO A BIG CONFERENCE IN TOWN.

The just acceptable:
Hotel O Cruceiro (Caldas de Rei). The receptionist was disinterested and the room was basic. There was only one waiter for the whole of a crowded restaurant. It reflected the town which wasn’t that good either.

My booking was B&B only. However, I must say that I had a fantastic meal in Pazo Torres de Agrelo in Redondela. I had seafood stew for starter, and Snuff(?) fish for mains. A whole bottle of red wine and water were included for €25.00. I was supposed to let the staff know by 5pm to book the dinner, but I didn’t arrive there till 5:45pm. The lady fitted me in without fuss and I was surprised by the quality of food and the wine which was included.

Hotel Chef Rivera in Padron was another delight. The hotel owner, Chef Rivera, greeted me himself, and cooked a wonderful dinner of Mushroom Cream appetiser, followed by fish pie (empanada) for starter, and Hake for main, cooked just right. And served by the Chef’s charming wife.

If you can suggest to your pilgrims to eat at these two hotels, or better still to prebook the dinners there, it would be wonderful.

Other thoughts on food :
Portuguese restaurants are slightly more pricey than in Spain possibly because of difficulties in finding the Menu for peregrinos. However, I liked their cuisine.
I would have liked to have dined in Casa do Capela, which had limited spaces in their restaurant. As they couldn’t fit me and a few others in, the owners took about 7 of us in two cars to nearby Cossourado village, and the restaurant provided transport for us to return to Casa. The pilgrims that managed to eat at the Casa said the food was lovely.

The John Brierley book was useful, and once again, I find his style of contents difficult to follow although the amount of information is plentiful. I realise that very few other alternatives are available for this route at present, and one other publication I bought is perhaps even less useful.

Please warn other pilgrims of the rough cobbled paths (lots and lots of them) in Portugal, which are extremely unkind to feet. Most peregrinos I talked to agreed on this point.
Maria Lourdes
  • Maria Lourdes
  • Camino Portugués - Last 100km
I enjoyed it very much. From 1-10 with 10 being the most organised, I would rate it a 10. All the hotels and accommodations were clean and comfortable. All of them was special and provided the much-needed resting place after each long walk. The pilgrims’ meal is really spartan. I missed my Filipino cuisine. I just wish there were more food options. ????
Baggage transfers ran smoothly and arrive on time
The Information Pack provided all the information I needed. I think the tours were very compassionate to the pilgrims. Keep up the good work!!! It was a wonderful and satisfying experience.
  • Colleen
  • Horseback Camino
We enjoyed our Camino trip. It was very well run. Hotel Plaza Mayor and Grand Hotel Los Abetos were the best. The hotel Pilar just OK. The food was outstanding. We enjoyed every meal. We enjoyed our Camino trip. But we would not recommend the horse trip to anyone that is not an excellent rider. The terrain is difficult and the horses climb up trails where the walkers follow a much lower path.


Jesus (The Guide / Host) was very nice and helpful but we feel he lost confidence with us after a few days of riding because of our riding ability. My friend fell and hurt her shoulder at one of the restaurants on the fourth day, so we took a day off. It was a great group of people and we enjoyed ourselves. Overall we had a good time.

Ranall & Sherry
  • Ranall & Sherry
  • Classic French Way - Last 100 km
The organisation was excellent. The best hotel was the monastery in Santiago. Sarria, Lestedo, Melide and Arzua were all very good. Our least favourite was the place in Portomarin, but it was still good. We would go back to any of them.
The breakfasts we ate were good, and some were really outstanding. However, we did not eat breakfast at Arca and Arzua because we wanted to get on the trail by 6 a.m. If we were doing it again at that time of year, we would probably eat breakfast two or three hours along the way.
Baggage Transfers worked very well. The Information Pack generally provided all the information. One very small point: we found the directions to the hotel Carlos 96 in Melide confusing. Perhaps they could be made clearer. We dealt with Caroline. She was wonderful. Thank you very much. The Camino exceeded our expectations in about every possible way.
  • Patricia
  • USA
  • Horseback Camino
It was totally amazing! I was the only American in group of Espanoles-from different parts of Spain. Every day was totally fulfilling. I was so glad I could speak the language and fit in. Doing the Camino a Caballo was a dream come true. Jesus and his team are amazing . It was a first class trip. Riding onto the Plaza Obradorio was very emotional and special. And I would add the others in my group- we became life long friends!

Everything was as expected. There was minor confusion as to the Porto start in that no one else showed up at the Porto hotel...it was only used as a pick up point. If I had known that, I would have stayed extra day in Lisbon..then to Porto overnight, for pick up @ noon. But all is good.Jesus runs a well organized trip.

Every hotel was perfect and well chosen. Some had an adjacent area for the horses (like Vigo area, and the winery place). The last stop in Lavacolla- Los Abetos, was over the top--2 floors each hotel room. Being in Pontevedra for Dia de Santiago Jul 25, was fun..the fireworks at night were right outside my window. Of course, I had Tarta de Santiago that night for dessert!.

OMG..there are not enough words to say about all the great food! Fresh seafood, many courses lunch & dinner..for hours ea! Wine! Red White..we wanted for nothing! Breakfast was at hotel ea morning. Everything lovely. Jesus always made sure we had plenty. "Gracias, no mas" didn’t mean anything!
We either ordered from menu, or the food just started coming!

I would have liked more detailed info about the Riding Clothes, including Riding Boots, especially for " English saddle "...Many in our group are formal riders..like almost professional ...the Spanish take riding seriously...they all wore very formal and stylish riding clothes, etc.. We even had a horse riding club, a Polo Club, from Barcelona join our initial group, and they were well dressed/prepared etc.

I would suggest travellers have smartphones, with GPS...very valuable for being on your own (like Lisbon, Porto, & Santiago de Compostela), I used it all the time.

Also, please stress that this Camino requires basic horse riding...walking, trotting, sometimes gallop...plus the elevation changes are varied.
Plus the days are long !! We were all tired out every day. But all worth it! I earned the name: " Patricia, Peregrina Autentica y Chica Fuerte"
And that will be with me forever!!
  • Ginny
  • Classic French Way - Full Camino
I absolutely LOVED every step! The tour was very well organized. For the most part, our accommodations were perfect. I think having our accommodations on the Camino path was really great and very important for any weary pilgrim.
What set the best places apart from all of our other nice hotels was the atmosphere created by the owners. More family style run, the guest all ate together at the same time, the food was outstanding, great pride was taken in their work, they were warm and friendly. Truly, I much rather places like this and not "fancy" hotels were I felt removed from my fellow pilgrims!

I thought the good was great! It was nice to occasionally have the option to order something other than the pilgrims’ menu. I never went hungry! Also, I totally overpacked which was my own fault but I would have appreciated more insight into the gift of simplicity of life on the Camino. I thought I understood it, but clearly, I did not.

Fitness level, makes or breaks this pilgrimage, especially when the entire walk is so tightly scheduled. I am fit and intentionally trained for this walk so I could enjoy every step but I could see there are many pilgrims who were physically unequipped.
  • Allison
  • Camino Frances - Gentle Steps
Extremely organized - you were great with organizing, responding, and helping when we needed you.

We loved the little spot in Morgade - they were so wonderful and that spot was a total gem. Our absolute favourite on the trip was Pazo De Sedor - what a special place. I was EXTREMELY happy that we could get that upgrade. Also love that it was off the path a bit - they were also very wonderful and the restaurant there was great as well. Additionally, we loved Paxo Xan Xordo - a very special and unique place. The man running was also very accommodating etc. And a shout out to the woman who ran the place in Arca - it was a very simple place but she really went above and beyond to make sure everyone was happy and comfortable. We loved her. We also loved the spot in Lestedo - looks very new - cute little spot. Our favourites were always the ones in the country - in the farmlands. Thanks to you, we ended up staying at the San Francisco Hotel in Santiago, which was something...
  • Jean
  • Coastal Camino Portugués
10 out of 10...thanks for organising everything. Had a great time.
  • Joyce
  • Classic French Way - Last 100 km
It was a wonderful experience. I have wonderful memories for walking the Camino. The support I received gave me the confidence that I could walk the Camino on my own as a 65 year old female and not worry about safety or logistics.
  • Lesley
  • Camino Portugués - Last 100km
We enjoyed walking the route, but if possible bypass Porrino. It was also difficult for an evening meal. Overall, the quality of the accommodation fell below our expectations. We were expecting standards as previously enjoyed when we walked Via de la Plata. We enjoyed the holiday, met some nice people, good food, great experience. In hindsight, we might have taken a rest day in Tui. Looked an interesting place to take a break.

  • Karen
  • Classic French Way - Last 100 km
The Camino was beautiful and we were lucky enough to have nice weather all week. Did not enjoy the Pension Arenas. (WE HAVE DROPPED THIS HOTEL FOR 2018). All the other places were quite good. The Calixtino, Carlos 96, and Hotel O Pino were all wonderful; it would be hard to choose the best of the three. All three were very welcoming and helpful. Also, food was quite delicious at all three establishments. The Hotel O Pino was my favourite for food. Our dinner there in the evening was excellent and the breakfast was the best all week, with a wide variety for everyone.
  • Joanna
  • Classic French Way - Last 100 km
I was very satisfied with the entire trip. You coordinated our group plans very efficiently and were very responsive to our needs and questions. Luggage transfer worked smoothly. We lost an item, which was quickly recovered and caught up with us at our next stop.

Generally, I found the accommodations to be pleasant and very clean. Cleanliness was noted in all lodgings during the walk. Breakfast was ample in most places. Dinner at Calixtino was quite good (grilled octopus) but breakfast was basically limited to toast.
  • Louisa
  • Classic French Way - Full Camino
I indeed enjoyed walking the Camino. The organisation was very good. The accommodation was overall what I expected so I cannot single out a favourite. I, however, did have a ’not so good’ hotel - Eurostars Gran Hotel in Santiago was a disappointment. This is supposed to be a 4-star hotel, but, they are definitely not up to par. It was also not very easy to find this hotel even with your directions.
  • Meg
  • Horseback Camino
Absolutely! Very memorable. A fabulous way to see Northern Spain. Fit, well-mannered horses. Great accommodations. Good food. Great people in our group!

Jesus and his team did a very good job with all of us, and 8-10 horses every day. They had the sidesaddle for Kate and took great pains with her comfort and safety. Six hours a day in the saddle was taxing - I have ridden for 50 years and knew it would be very challenging.

Because of the language barrier or cultural differences, the 5 Americans on the trip were often left waiting. A few sentences here and there would have been much nicer.

Every night was very different. We liked them all. Had a series of great experiences. It would have been helpful to know in advance which hotels offered laundry services, etc.

The food was all good. Some meals were excellent. They were mindful that I was a vegetarian and I was well taken care of.

The wrangler, Peter, was exceptional. Took care of the horses, and the support vehicle, and the two older ladies who had to stop riding, and Kate when her foot was swollen and she couldn’t ride. A huge asset to her comfort and everyone’s well being. He had a great sense of humour and kept everyone smiling.
Natasha & Marco
  • Natasha & Marco
  • Via de la Plata - Last 100 km
I’m sure this is not the first email you may have received from guests that have returned with richness in their hearts and stars in their eyes. But here we are, with richness in our hearts and stars in our eyes J and a great big word of thanks to you and your team for the organisation of such a special, soulful Camino journey.

It’s taken me almost 4 weeks to write this since we returned, and life has greeted us with the usual city smack of reality.

Firstly, this was the first time we had ever ventured on such a journey and needless to say, we were a little anxious as to how it was all meant to unfold. However, your organisation, information packs, accommodation selections and ongoing transfers were of 100% top quality. So much so that the entire journey unfolded with such elegance and ease. All we really had to worry about were our cramping calves.

While we didn’t refer much to our maps, we did make use of your written notes (all the time!!) which, might I say, were perfectly in sync with the paths. I commend those who transcribed the way into words, for it is truly a feat, and was done remarkably well. Clear, concise and historically interesting.

We were really impressed with the choice of accommodation. Wow! We felt as though you understood our brief from the very beginning and took so much care in your selection along the way. We absolutely loved arriving at every one of our lodgings; each clean, spacious and unique in their own right and truly beautiful on the eye (and heart). Being greeted by our humble Galician hosts and feeling so very welcome in their homes too, was a heartfelt experience for us. As for the cuisine, we were very grateful for all the extra attention and care we received from each of our hosts, and to indulge in authentic Galician cuisine was simply superb. All our meals were prepared from the heart, and of excellent quality.

As for your guidance originally, as to which Camino would best suit our objectives, you were spot on with Via de la Plata, Caroline. All your patience over the 4 months of back and forth, to deliver what we were really seeking, definitely came to fruition. Thank you for listening, advising and being mindful of choosing the right journey for us. You couldn’t have been more on point.

A special mention to our driver Jose Angel, who warmed our hearts with his enthusiasm, service excellence and contagious smile. His knowledge of the region and his ability to educate us through his broken English was commendable. We tried to speak Spanish (poorly I’m afraid). Jose treated us exceptionally well and made sure our transfers were easy, secure and always on time. What a gem of a driver!! And a truly wonderful individual.

The journey entirely was, well, for lack of a better word – incredible. We have struggled to find the words (and I’m a writer!!) to express the utter depth of the experience. The arrows and written directions kept us on track all the way and the peace of the farmland landscapes filled our hearts with gold. An unmatched journey of a lifetime. We shall always remember, and cherish.

A big thank you to your team for carrying us through 112km of pure serenity. You made it effortless at a comfort level, which only enhanced the Way even more so. Our souls have forever been graced with the humility of a world gone by and a world that goes on - and our hearts have been opened to the possibility of journeying next year again, along the paths of the past – but only with the guidance of our Walk the Camino experts. Preferred supplier guaranteed! And you can bet, we are spreading the word of your stellar service back home.
  • Elaine
  • Classic French Way - Last 100 km
Excellent service once again.

I was very glad I had upgraded to Hotel Ferramenteiro in Portomarin. A super hotel to welcome us after a hard day’s walk. Lovely views of the valley. We were very impressed with Hosteria Calixtino in Lestedo. Having previously stayed in Rectoral de Lestedo, it had a lot to live up to and certainly didn’t disappoint. We had a particularly warm welcome from our host, Isabel. We really enjoyed our stay in Hotel Capitol in Santiago. Very well positioned for access to the Cathedral and old city. Amazing breakfast here!

The Camino Travel packs are very informative. Maps to find accommodation particularly good. Finding the Pilgrims’ Office was a little confusing and we needed help from a local. Prompt baggage collections and cases waiting for us each day.

Thank you for the great organisation that helped our Camino run smoothly. A wonderful experience for my 15-year-old grandson. Thinking about the Portuguese Camino now.
  • Lydia
  • Classic French Way - Full Camino
We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the walk, we were very lucky with the weather which really helped. Autumn was a great time to go on the Camino as the weather was cooler (even though we had some hot days) and the autumnal colours on the trees made the setting very picturesque.
  • Susan
  • Classic French Way - Full Camino
Very much enjoyed the whole Camino experience and would do it again. The organisation of your holiday was excellent. Breakfasts were variable - some wonderful - but not a problem. (We didn’t bother to sample the one in O’Cebreiro - not our favourite hotel and borne out by Trip Advisor). Unsweetened cereal was always a bonus and muesli a bit of a celebration! The baggage transfers were absolutely perfect, the information pack provided all we needed. Just thanks again for your kind attention, support and advice.

  • Anon
  • Classic French Way - Last 100 km
It was wonderful and beyond expectations; helped, no doubt, by the lovely autumn weather we had every day until it rained when we got to Santiago!
Accommodation was excellent throughout. We particularly liked Casa Garcia in Gonzar. On the minus side our overnight in Melide was marred by incessant noise from the locals which went on all night and had a similar problem in Santiago, though to a lesser scale. Our bags were not at one hotel when we arrived which was particularly inconvenient after a long and tiring final day on the camino. They eventually arrived by taxi later that evening.
  • Darlene
  • Sarria to Santiago - Guided Tour
Absolutely enjoyed my holiday - highly organized. Accommodations always met and sometimes exceeded expectations. ie Sarria and Portomarin. The group meals provided were delicious. Baggage Transfers were perfect- no issues. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Our guide was excellent and very attentive. The extra night’s hotel in Santiago, the Hotel Bonaval was most enjoyable. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The hotel is lovely and the 24-hour breakfast buffet is great! Would I consider booking another holiday with Walk the Camino? Yes, as very helpful and arranged another tour when one I was originally booked for was cancelled.
  • William
  • Camino Portugués - Last 100km
Did I enjoy my holiday? Absolutely - best ever and the organisation was very well done. The food was mostly great, a couple of places where there was only coffee and croissant for breakfast could be upped a bit ( juice, bread, something additional for calories, restaurants etc were fine and local cuisine was mostly very good - no complaints. Baggage Transfers were well done, timely, no hassles
I’d most definitely recommend Walk the Camino - very helpful in planning the itinerary and most pleasant to deal with, made the whole experience better.
  • Lorraine
  • Classic French Way - Full Camino
I absolutely loved my walking holiday and was very upset when it ended.
I was happy with the food. The Pilgrim meals were great, servings huge, bread was delicious and the wine very nice. Thank you for the excellent organisation of my holiday.
  • Paula
  • Classic French Way - Full Camino
The Camino, in general, caters in a similar fashion to an all-inclusive resort, as such meal options are quite resort centric. Pre-prepared in most locations, this is a symptom of the Camino and not your organization. On many occasions it was apparent that the tourists were passing through and not there for more than one day, so the provision of a quality meal was not a priority. This was not the case in all locations, we certainly identified that eating where locals eat and in particular eating later was a key to success.

We were not overly happy with our accommodation. Not sure if we were given discounted rooms even in the larger hotels we always got lower floors which were noisy. We did get a nice room in the Paradore in Leon and in Burgos but only after we paid to upgrade the rooms. I realize that were was little choices in the smaller towns however our general sense was as we were pre-booked we got the inferior room. The Parador in Santiago was a total disappointment. No view (our room looked out at a brick wall) extremely noisy, uncomfortable bed and quality of service at reception was poor. We felt like we were being treated as "pilgrims getting a cheap room". To be specific, we were underwhelmed by the accommodation. But overall we had a great time walking and meeting people.
No issues with bag transfers. This is decidedly the most efficient part of the Camino.
  • Randy
  • Classic French Way - Full Camino
The holiday was great and the organisation excellent. I had the best accommodation I could hope for in some small towns. They were all satisfactory to excellent. Baggage Transfers were perfect. Information pack was excellent. Some directions to accommodations could be clarified or reworked. For all I received it was a great value.
  • Haejung
  • Classic French Way - Last 100 km
It was more enjoyable than I expected. In overall, all hotels were satisfactory and provided foods were good. The reason I could not give 5 out of 5 is...
more detailed information especially regarding churches. The provided guidebook was useful but it contains the explanation on the route only.
Best hotel is definitely the Hospederia San Martin in Santiago. Location is perfect and building itself is stunning. Thank you for your support for travelling Camino.
Graeme & Colin
  • Graeme & Colin
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Sarria to Santiago - Guided Tour
Tracy and her team set us up on an extremely well-organised tour covering the stretch from Sarria to Santiago.

For the entire route we felt looked after, with comprehensive information, great accommodation and wonderful food.

The distance travelled each day worked up a good thirst and hunger, and you always felt you deserved your sit-down meal at the end of the day.

We would highly recommend the services of Walk The Camino to anyone else looking at taking on a self-guided walking tour.
  • Rosaline
  • Classic French Way - Last 100 km
    Sarria to Santiago - Guided Tour
We thoroughly enjoyed our Holiday. Overall we were quite happy with the accommodation - well situated and clean and comfortable with good ensuite facilities. Casa Morgade was our favourite. Great atmosphere, good food and a lovely sitting room with a log fire. Pilgrims menus were excellent value and all included a bottle or glass of wine so we enjoyed that. We didn’t get lost and often shared details with others who hadn’t been supported so well.
Chris and Davina
  • Chris and Davina
  • Camino Frances - Gentle Steps
We had an amazing time on the Camino... I would recommend this 6 day walk to anyone. All in all a memorable trip, and you guys did a great job in planning, arranging and organising it.
Anne and Brian
  • Anne and Brian
  • Camino Frances - Gentle Steps
We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and found the organisation excellent. We were also impressed by the friendliness and welcome we received everywhere. The information pack was useful and contained all the information we needed. So many, many thanks again for your kindness, efficiency and help in giving us such a good holiday.
Anne Corrigan
  • Anne Corrigan
  • Camino Frances - Gentle Steps
We enjoyed our holiday very much - it was a wonderful experience. Something completely different! The organisation of the holiday was spot-on. You really couldn’t have done a better job. The whole thing was perfectly tailored to our needs. It’s hard to express in an e-mail how good it all was.
  • Terence
  • Camino Portugués - Last 100km
First Rate organisation which will be highly recommended. Great value for money The best accommodation was Mercearia de Vila at Ponte de Lima, closely followed by Casa de Capela at Balugaues. Casas do Rio where we were treated like kings and what a fantastic location. The Parador de Tui was a great spot. We enjoyed the convenience of an apartment at Apartamentos Alvear Suites. Most of the food supplied was okay and was of good quality. We were generally happy with what we were given and it fuelled us up for the days walk, The pack was well thought out - keep up the good work

  • Vanessa
  • Via de la Plata - Last 100 km
Particularly enjoyed our stays at Gran Hotel Soutullo and Casa de Casal. Excellent food. A very memorable experience. The organisation was faultless, all the accommodation was comfortable, staff were friendly and welcoming.

  • Peter
  • Camino Frances - Gentle Steps
    Camino Portugués - Last 100km
I will recommend you (and have done already) to everyone. Sometime in the next few years, I will talk to you about Le Puy - StPdeP. Special mention - if possible - would go to the Hotel Norte y Londres in Burgos and Hotel O Cebreiro for indefinable reasons of good vibe.
You just couldn’t do anything better. I am so hugely impressed. This really was a challenge for me - even though I am pretty fit, I wasn’t sure what my endurance would be - and you ABSOLUTELY NAILED as far as fitting the program to me and so making it possible. Thank you so very much!

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