Walk the Camino Your Way

Welcome to the first step of your own personal adventure along the Camino de Santiago. All great journeys have to start somewhere, and dreaming about the Camino is the first leg of the journey!

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    Why Walk the Camino?

    We are Walk the Camino — that’s our name and it’s the heart of who we are as a company. We are a dedicated Camino tour operator specialising in planning and operating multi-day walking trips along numerous Camino trails around the world.

    What makes us different:

    We have incredible local partnerships with accommodation and other businesses. This helps us to ensure your money goes to deserving locals and that the quality of your experience never waivers.

    Our main priority is customer care, from when you first contact us to when you get home, tired, and satisfied with your Camino adventure. Hundreds of satisfied customers (and return customers) can attest to how well we look after guests.

    We organise anything you need to ensure your Camino is as fun, relaxing, and rewarding as possible. We will arrange to have your luggage transported between each accommodation, leaving you free to enjoy your day unencumbered by a potentially large and heavy backpack.

    We customise our Caminos to suit your needs, changing the routes, accommodation, food, and other details so that you can have the most enjoyable experience possible. This isn’t a Camino vacation out of a box — it’s your personal Camino!

    Taking customisation to the next level, we let guests choose their own dates. While this may sound like an obvious feature to offer, however, lower-budget Camino tours tend to only offer set dates.

    We will tailor each itinerary to fit as closely as we can get to your preferred daily walking distance. We know from two decades of Camino experience that this part of the planning stage is key to getting to your destination with your body, soul, and feet intact. You need to feel confident that you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew. But neither do you want a walk that’s not sufficiently full or challenging. We recognise that and will work with you to make sure your itinerary is the right fit for you. Tip for group organisers: always plan to fit the slowest member of your party.

    We believe there is no wrong way to do the Camino de Santiago. If you desire a special or unique way to do the Camino, we can offer you a horse, a yacht, or even a scuba diving suit. Yep! There are even a couple of Camino waymarkers in the sea!

    Our Camino de Santiago Tours

    You can tell us exactly what you’d like to see and do on your own Camino vacation, doing the Camino your way. But we find that people like to read our pre-designed tours, seeing which routes, stops, and activities most suit them. So, scroll below to be inspired by some of our most popular walking tours of the Camino de Santiago.

    Need More Help Planning Your Camino?

    We have created countless guides and blogs about the Camino de Santiago, all designed to help people get the most out of their Camino. These resources are available to everyone — even people who aren’t embarking on one of our Camino Walking Trips.

    Visit our Camino Info Hub and our general Travel Info Hub for more information. And please get in touch if you have any questions. No question is too small or silly. It can take a while for us to plan your Camino, your way, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We are friendly, professional, and always happy to help.

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