Semana Santa – Holy Week

Spain is completely transformed during Easter week. It’s the biggest holiday of the year and an experience that makes quite an impact on everyone taking part. What is likely to make an impression on you is the intensity and honesty of the emotion and devotion on public display.

Semana Santa procession through crowded streets

From the smallest village to the capital city, pretty much everyone turns out to witness Semana Santa and the atmosphere can be highly affecting. Spanish people take part in huge numbers, by travelling home to join families and to be present at every day of the week-long fiesta.

Semana Santa – Percussion & Wind Bands

The religious processions of Holy Week might be either opulent or simple; music, song and percussion are the rhythmic pulse of Holy Week and help the bearers of the biers keep a steady and measured pace. During Holy week decorative art is abundant, with floral, sculptural and musical displays.

Religious brotherhoods of local men, known as “Cofriadas,” carry the weight of decorated biers bearing statues of the Virgin Mary or Jesus, and parade them through the narrow streets of their community.

Effigies of the Virgin Mary & Jesus Christ Are Processed During Holy Week

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