Pulpo Gallego – Galician Octopus

For many Camino travellers, a plate of octopus might sound a bit challenging. But this quintessentially authentic Galician dish is quite delicious. Like all the best dishes, Pulpo a la Gallego is simply prepared and melts in the mouth. And you will find it everywhere: tapas bars, cafes and restaurants – so give it a go.

Common octopus thrives in the colder waters of Galicia so it’s not surprising they’re one of the most common dishes. This famous and traditional Galician dish has a unique method of preparation. The fresh octopus is first tenderised, then gently boiled in a copper pot until succulent, before being sliced into medallions, garnished with olive oil, paprika, salt and served atop a bed of sliced potatoes and presented on a round wooden platter. This dish is just perfect to share with friends, speared with wooden cocktail sticks and washed down with local beer or chilled dry white wine.

You’ll come across this ubiquitous dish on menus – pulpo a la feira, polbo á feira orpulpo a la gallega, all along the Camino in Galicia. Don’t miss your chance to indulge and enjoy every bite – then order another plateful.

Pulpo Gallego – Galicia’s most famous dish

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