Compostela – The Field of the Stars

Santiago de Compostela Under the Stars

Around 813 a hermit called Pelagio came to see the Bishop of Iria Flavia – modern day Padron, on the Camino Portugues – to report that he had witnessed a shower of stars.

This star shower began above the mountain we know today as Pico Sacro (sacred peak), and fell over a field near the forest of Libredon.

When the Bishop and his entourage searched the site they found ruins, an altar and 3 tombs. The largest was identified as the Tomb of the Apostle Santiago. Word was sent to King Alfonso II, who ordered the construction of a chapel.

This original chapel was the foundation of the Cathedral and the city of Santiago de Compostela we know today – and the site was given the Latin name, “Campus Stellae” or “The Field of the Stars”.

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